Trip to Åre.

On Sunday the 19th Michiel Rotgans, Bob van Unnik and I left to Åre Sweden. There were a few problems before taking off. But we were on time. We flew on Trondheim, Norway. It was a good and pleasant flight. From there we took the shuttle bus. We arrived in Åre, the town looked great and pretty big. We decided to go snowboarding on the streets. Bob was stoked and got a shot in 4 tries. I didn’t ride. The next day we got a whole day on the mountain. So we got some time to get in the park, which was pretty big and nice shaped. We did the big kicker which was in my last post. We made some sick photo’s on that one! It was getting dark and we decided to go down and have a good dinner meal. We went in bed early that night because we had a full day of really nice things for the next day. We woke up that  day and it was good weather. Little bit sun and good temperature. We had a good day of exploring Åre without our snowboards. We had the real scandinavia feeling. We had a good dinner. Bob and I had found some good spots which we wanted to hit that night. The next moring we did a spot that I found. The sun came out really early so that was really nice. We got the shots and went for another lap to the park but it was so busy we decided to go to our apartment, chill in the sauna and pack our bags. We got a taxi back to the airport. We checked in and took off back to Holland. It was the best trip I have ever had. Thanks to Michiel Rotgans and Bob van Unnik for the awesome time!

If you want to read the full story, get the Taste Snowboardmagazine next Season!


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