Youth World Champs and Dutch Champs.

On 23th of March I left to Sierra Nevada, Spain. For the Youth World Champs. First we had the Halfpipe and at the end of the week we had Slopestyle. So the first 2 days we trained in the Halfpipe but the weather was not that good, it was raining and cloudy. On Monday the half pipe qualies were going down, I did land my run but it was not good enough for the semi’s. I got 38th after all. The next day I chilled a little bit and watched the Final, the level of riding was pretty high back to back 9’s and even back to back 10’s. On Wednesday the Slopestyle course was opened for training, it was really smooth and long. There were like 7 rollers. 3 nice kickers, and 4 rails after that. The first day didn’t go that good but still we got one day of training left. On Thursday al lift staff in Spain campaigned. But the managed to open the 2 lifts we needed to get on top of the course. We were al alone on the whole mountain. That day went pretty good, landed my run pretty early in the training. Cab 5, Bs 7 to Fs 10. Friday was the day of the qualies, I landed both runs but the second was better. 75 points got me 3th in my heat which got me in the semi’s. So I have gone down to the hotel early to rest. The next day I had the Semi finals, I did land the same run as the day before but not clean enough for the Finals but still got 20th. On sunday afternoon we left to Granada to catch our flight to Zurich. I got to sleep at 2 in the night. On Monday we got the Dutch slopestyle champs. It was sunny, good vibes and good riding. We had 45 min of training on the BEO course which was really good shaped. I landed my run in the qualies and got in the Finals. In the Finals I chose for a safe run which gave me the 4th place. I was really happy about that result. The next days gonna be bad weather the weather forecast said, and it was nothing else like that. On Tuesday I filmed with Erik Bastiaansen, Ziggey and Jazzley van Bouwhorst. We had fun and landed some nice bangers. The edit will be online soon. On Wednesday I checked out the Big Air kicker because Halfpipe was canceled. It was a good and smooth kicker. Landed my trick really soon so went for some runs with Erik that afternoon. Big Air was on Thursday, it was foggy, new snow and raining. We had training and land my Fs 10 but in the quali the conditions were bad so I decided to do a Fs 7. After all it was to foggy to go on with the contest and we only got 1 run which put me in 5th place. The last day I was really tired of the 2 weeks of hard shredding. Tim Schiphorst asked me to go film with Cees Wille, Joey van Essen, Steef van der Meer, Lenn Verjans, Robin van Heel and Rachida Aouladelhajamar. The first thing we saw was the roller coaster box, we got the idea to ride it sideways al the way. Max de Vries came by and was the first to try it. It looked ok so everybody started trying. Robin was the one that got it al the way. I was close but fell down on the landing. Than we filmed the Curnius run down. And we called the end of the day. Went down and chilled. Edits gonna be online soon.

Peace Out!

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