Slopestyle Masters in Snowworld Zoetermeer.

Saturday there was a competion organised by my national team mate: Sean Taylor named Slopestyle masters. That morning I helped the Dutch ski federation with the Rookie team selection day. It was fun to see the little kids go for it and try to do their very best. I also helped with the conditional part. When I came back in Snowworld, you can inscribe for the contest so I did. Then i helped shaping with Sean. The kicker was looking so tight and smooth. We had an our to train on the course with an upper unit: Downrail and a Double kink. And than the nice kicker. I made it to the finals. I had so much fun with everybody riding and stopping sick tricks. Steve Krijbolder stickt a sick BS 9 and a Cab 270 gap on the double kink. He won, Jeremy Gerritsen got 2nd and I got 3rd. I was happy about that result but it was not going the way I planned my run in the finals but still I was stoked.

I want to thank my sponsors for this awesome season: Flow snowboards, Monster energy drink, Frends headphones, NXTZ, Pow gloves, BigAirBag and Adidas eyewear. 

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