Camp of Champions

I am back after 2 weeks of Camp of Champions and 2 weeks of vacation in Italy. On the 1st of July I left Holland to go to Camp of Champions. Last year I was there aswell and I had the best time of my life. We arrived in Vancouver after a 9 hour flight. Chilled a little bit cause we had to wait for Jonte. When he arrived we rented 2 cars and drove to our house in Whistler. The next day we went up the glacier but we were unlucky cause it was snowing. It was good to explore the park for the next 2 weeks. Everybody was stoked cause the sun was going to come out soon and it will stay like that till the end. On Wednesday the sun finally came out and the park was perfect. Bluebird, good park, sick rides and a the best vibe ever. Everybody was throwing down sick stuff. Everyday after we got down from the mountain we chilled at the lake, it was cold but refreshing. On sunday we had a day of and went to a bigger lake a little bit further from Whistler. We played soccer, chilled and had a nice swim. The park was fresh and reshaped on Monday. It was bluebird for the whole week again. Everybody had a blast and learnt new tricks. On Tuesday I fell with a Fs 900 and hurt my back. I went to the physio on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning my back felt a little bit stiff but I wanted to snowboard, so I went up. I did a couple of simple lines through the day. Saturday was the last day on the glacier, everybody was trying their last tricks the wanted to land that trip. I filmed through the day because my back didn’t feel that good. That evening we packed our bags and the next morning we droge back to vancouver to walk around in the city. On monday we flew back to Holland. I HAD A GREAT TIME!

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