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Trip to Colorado

The 26th of November the Dutch team left to Colorado. First we flew to Chicago Airport to get our transfer to Denver Airport. We got through customs really quick so could pick up our bags and drop it off again. We had lunch and chilled in the lounge for a while. The flight to Denver was full so that was really dissapointing. I was really tired so I slept for the entire second flight. We arrived in Denver on schedule, Tor (one of our trainers) was already there for 2 days. We did meet Jonte (trainer), Steve and Cheryl there cause they had another flight then the rest of the team. When everybody was there we picked up the cars and drove to our house in Frisco. After a 2 hour drive we arrived at the house. Everybody went straight to bed. Woke up the next morning and the weather was perfect so we headed for Keystone. Jumps looked good, lots of rails and short lift line. We left early cause everybody had a jetlag and wanted to rest for the afternoon.

The next 5 days where good aswell and everybody was having good times. On the rest day we had, we went to Denver to do some shopping. Rocco, Cheryl and Steve bought an RC plane at a local RC shop. Looked pretty rad. Next day they went for a flight, it was pretty windy. Cheryl and Rocco had a RC plane at home so they knew how to fly. It was Steve’s first time to Fly an RC plane. Exiting! Cheryl threw up the plane and she flew pretty steady and nice. So Rocco did the same. Steve tried it aswell but didn’t work out that good but the plane was still able to fly. So he tried it again and again.

The second week I went to Copper to get the pipe feeling back for the first EC competion in Davos in Januari. Felt pretty weird the first couple of runs and I needed to work hard to get it back. After 2 days it felt normal again and I started to spin and go higher. I was really happy about  how it worked out in the end cause I really needed to get back. Had alot of fun there aswell.

The last week it was back to the kickers in Keystone. They got the big line ready. Looked really nice. Long take off, smooth, nice landing but not that big. Not like last years kickers. But still enough for 10’s and doubles. First 2 rails then a kicker. Unfortunaly not 3 kickers. The kicker felt good so I did al tricks I did before. The last few days I didn’t feel well so I took it really easy. It begun to snow really heavy so everybody was scared they closed the tunnel to Denver but the didn’t.

On the early morning of the 18th we flew back to Holland, it was a really comfortable way back almost slept all the way.

Have  a look at my Video page aswell I uploaded a new video from Colorado.

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