Monthly Archives: January 2013


At the starting of 2013 I left Holland for comps and training in Switserland and France. We drove to Davos, when we arrived there was a lot of snow. Next day we had a competition. But we used it as training for the upcoming Eurocup. After a few runs it felt good and I could stick my run straight away. I made it to the Finals and finished 16th and the day after I finished 7th. On the 7th and the 8th of Januari there were 2 Eurocups. I finished in 10th and 9th place. We drove to Les Deux Alpes the day after the competition. First we had a week of training before we had the competition. There should be 2 Halfpipe EC’s and 1 Slopestyle EC. Unfortunaly only 1 halfpipe ec could be ridden. The last 2 days it was to snowy and windy to do the competitions so they got canceled.

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