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Traveling to a strange country to snowboard.

After a week of training at the always beautiful LAAX. Jeremy, Thijs and I flew over to Turkey for the Youth World Championships. Nobody of us has ever bin to this country. We first flew to Istanbul to get our flight to Erzurum. When we landed at Erzurum airport it was al white. Never imagined to go snowboarding there, but there definitly was snow. We got transported by a van to our hotel. It apeard to be the worst hotel of them all. The rooms were good though. But the food was bad especially at breakfast. We had the first day off to chill a little bit and to take a look on the mountain. There was nog that much snow but still enough to have a decent pipe. The next day we got our first training day. The pipe was short and there where a lot of bumps which sucked. They were trying to get the pipe in perfect shape that evening for the next day. That day I had a good training and I was happy about everything. The day of competion went well but it was not good enough for the semi’s. The day after we watched the final and it was pretty intens. Seeing young guns doing back to back 10’s, crazy.

So it was all or nothing on the Slopestyle. Kickers were sketchy with speed and landings. Rail section was fun. Alot of people were falling pretty hard the first day. They build a kicker you see in the picture on the left. If you jumped that you will be dead. So sketchy. Luckely the made one wide kicker from the right smaller kicker which was still pretty big. Competion day was going pretty good until the last training run. Jeremy landed on his back on the first kicker a few runs earlier. My run was going as planned Bs 7 on the first kicker and Fs 9 on the second kicker that’s were it turned really bad for me. I thought I had the good speed and rotation for the Fs 9, and when I was in the air I saw I was going a little further than planned. I thought I will still stomp this one. But when I landed I felt a real bad pain in my right knee. I felt down and I couldn’t get up for 2 min. I walked away with a lot of pain. I realised that there was something really wrong in my knee. So I couldn’t start the comp. Next day I would fly to Prague for a World cup in Spinderluv mlyn. I had so much pain, my trainer rebooked my flight to Amsterdam together with Jeremy. I went to the doctor straight away the next day. He said there were some tears in my ACL. SUCKS! The monday went to the doctor I went to ViaSana in Mill to check it with a specialist. 1 Hour later I was already undergoing an MRI scan. They concluded I needed a new ACL. A week after visiting ViaSana I had my surgery. Everything except my ACL looked perfect. I will be recovering for 9 months, and I hope to be back on the snow after that as soon as possible.

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Trip to Colorado

The 26th of November the Dutch team left to Colorado. First we flew to Chicago Airport to get our transfer to Denver Airport. We got through customs really quick so could pick up our bags and drop it off again. We had lunch and chilled in the lounge for a while. The flight to Denver was full so that was really dissapointing. I was really tired so I slept for the entire second flight. We arrived in Denver on schedule, Tor (one of our trainers) was already there for 2 days. We did meet Jonte (trainer), Steve and Cheryl there cause they had another flight then the rest of the team. When everybody was there we picked up the cars and drove to our house in Frisco. After a 2 hour drive we arrived at the house. Everybody went straight to bed. Woke up the next morning and the weather was perfect so we headed for Keystone. Jumps looked good, lots of rails and short lift line. We left early cause everybody had a jetlag and wanted to rest for the afternoon.

The next 5 days where good aswell and everybody was having good times. On the rest day we had, we went to Denver to do some shopping. Rocco, Cheryl and Steve bought an RC plane at a local RC shop. Looked pretty rad. Next day they went for a flight, it was pretty windy. Cheryl and Rocco had a RC plane at home so they knew how to fly. It was Steve’s first time to Fly an RC plane. Exiting! Cheryl threw up the plane and she flew pretty steady and nice. So Rocco did the same. Steve tried it aswell but didn’t work out that good but the plane was still able to fly. So he tried it again and again.

The second week I went to Copper to get the pipe feeling back for the first EC competion in Davos in Januari. Felt pretty weird the first couple of runs and I needed to work hard to get it back. After 2 days it felt normal again and I started to spin and go higher. I was really happy about  how it worked out in the end cause I really needed to get back. Had alot of fun there aswell.

The last week it was back to the kickers in Keystone. They got the big line ready. Looked really nice. Long take off, smooth, nice landing but not that big. Not like last years kickers. But still enough for 10’s and doubles. First 2 rails then a kicker. Unfortunaly not 3 kickers. The kicker felt good so I did al tricks I did before. The last few days I didn’t feel well so I took it really easy. It begun to snow really heavy so everybody was scared they closed the tunnel to Denver but the didn’t.

On the early morning of the 18th we flew back to Holland, it was a really comfortable way back almost slept all the way.

Have  a look at my Video page aswell I uploaded a new video from Colorado.

I want to thank: Flow Snowboards, Frends Headphones, Monster Energy, Adidas Eyewear, 686 Outerwear, BigAirBag, Pow Gloves, Amplifi Gear and NXTZ for this great year. Thankyou



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FIS VW Big Air Antwerp + FIS Europecup Landgraaf

Just 2 weeks before the VW Big Air in Antwerp, my trainer mailed me that I was on the list for competing in Antwerp. Which made me nervous and stoked at the same time. It was going to be my first World Cup Big Air ever. Antwerp was the perfect start for riding Big Airs. What made me stoked as well was that I just got my new bindings before the Big Air. So on the 9th of November I drove to Antwerp. Took me like 1 hour to get there. Arriving at the Big air was really impressive. It’s such a big structure. The nervs were coming up by seeing the Big Air and to imagine to stand on top that night. I prepared myself and got al my stuff together and walked to the venue. It started to get dark when the training started. Lights turned on and the first one was ready to drop. I looked at a couple rides going down the Big Air. It looked really smooth and I was really nervous. Than I got over it and strapped in. Roope Tonteri dropped before me so I looked at his speed. Than it was up to me. Sliding down 2 meter and than I pointed my board straight down. Going through the transition and it felt really good and landed sweet spot. After one more straight air I felt comfortble enough to spin. First I did a FS 3 and after that a FS 7. The training was over. I did watch the battle between Belgium and Holland after my training and went to the hotel to sleep. I woke up the next morning and it was raining. Rocco had to qualify in the first heat. Joris, Jesper and me were in the second heat. I got a good breakfast and packed my stuff and walked to the venue to see Rocco riding. He fell on both his runs. Than it was my turn to show what I’ve got. I was really cool to stand on top with all the people screaming for you. I dropped in and did a FS 7 Tailgrab as my first run. Stomping it and getting an 58 as score. Not that high but it was good for 12th place after run 1 in my heat. I went up again. Looking at al the other riders who were riding really strong and consistent. It was my turn again. Dropped in and did a FS 10 Melon. Not a real clean landing. That was a bummer but still I was happy about my riding at the first Big Air ever. Really stoked. Which got me in 16th place in my heat. Joris did really good and made the semi finals. He did good in semi finals as well so he was in the finals. Fell on his first run doing a BS 10 double cork. But landed that on his second run. In his last run he tried a FS 10.

On Sunday we traveled to Landgraaf for the Europe cup on Wednesday. I took a day to rest. Monday was the first official training. The course was looking really nice. 2 kickers and 3 rails in one run. I was feeling the course right away so started to think about my run. Did the same on Tuesday. On Wednesday it was on! Did my first run with Cab 5 Mute, Fs 7 Melon, Fs 270 gap, Back lip and ending with a fs lip 270 out. Got the first place after run one so that promised alot. My second run was Bs 7 Indy, Fs 7 Melon, Fs 270 gap, Back lip and ending up falling on the last box which sucked alot. I got in to the finals.

There I did those same 2 runs ending up on the 8th place. Big up to Jesper Kicken for winning and Joris Ouwerkerk for getting second and to al the other dutch guys who made me proud to be dutchie.

For Thursday till Saturday we still trained on the EC Slope. And had fitness training, meetings and al kind of other cool stuff.

I would like to thank: Audi, Europeeshe verzekeringen, Lotto, Flow Snowboards, Monster Energy Drink, 686 Outerwear, Frends Headphones, BigAirBag, Pow Gloves, Nxtz and last but not least Adidas Eyewear for making this al possible.


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